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Thursday, 17 April 2014

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From the Desk of Tanja Clendinen:


STILL the Governor of Wisconsin
A Statement by JMI President J. Robert McClure, Ph.D.

The implications of Scott Walker’s recall election win in Wisconsin are far reaching, with significant lessons to be gleaned for Florida and the rest of the nation. Gov. Walker’s courageous stand against big clout government unions undercuts elected officials’ pervasive fear of taking on labor unions and proves that they can be beaten. Walker’s reforms are also demonstrating that policymakers can cut taxes and limit government without necessarily slashing the vital services on which taxpayers depend.

In February, the Institute was honored to host Gov. Walker as the keynote speaker for JMI’s Naples membership luncheon—click below to hear his thoughts on fiscal responsibility, free-market reforms at the state level, and more.

And it’s not just the voters of Wisconsin that are waking up to economic realities. In the progressive poster child state of California, residents of San Diego (66%) and San Jose (70%) overwhelmingly voted to rein in runaway public pension benefits that are robbing budgets for basic city services such as maintaining roads, operating libraries, and adequately equipping police and fire personnel.

Taxpayers increasingly understand that hard decisions must be made regarding unsustainable public sector pensions if they are going to keep their state and cities financially solvent and stable. In Florida, lawmakers need to take note and boldly step up to the plate. Learn more at Floridians for Sustainable Pensions.

Yet the ultimate lesson to be learned from the recent events in Wisconsin is that principled leadership CAN prevail. There is no longer justification for delaying the fight or relying on excuses. If we believe in freedom, let us stand together on principle and lead.


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